Centre for the Internet and Human Rights (CIHR)

The Centre for the Internet and Human Rights (CIHR) is a vibrant hub for academic research about technology and society. Our goal is to inform current public and academic debates by producing high-quality research grounded in theory and empirical data.

The CIHR was born out of discussions between Ben Wagner and Juergen Neyer. The two scholars felt that many of the debates about the Internet and its impact on human rights are too simplistic and lack empirical depth. In 2014, they decided to found a new academic centre attached to the Chair of European and International Politics at the European University Viadrina.

The CIHR strives to be a platform for individuals who share a common goal of promoting high quality research about internet and human rights. The core academic team is comprised of scholars and PhD candidates from international relations, political science, sociology and law.

The international fellowship program brings together practitioners, researchers, activists, philosophers, diplomats, computer scientists, who help translate academic results into real-life impact. Fellows contribute to current projects at the CIHR, develop their own research and help to disseminate research results beyond academic communities.