Past NoC Events

NoC Special Online Session on COVID-19 -- The use of data to counter public health - Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Israel

Friday, April 24th, at 9AM ET / 10AM Rio / 4PM Israel/ 9PM Singapore / 10PM South Korea. Via Zoom.

Given the COVID-19 public health crisis that affects so many of us around the globe, we thought it might be time for us to share experiences and resources that might inform our responses and strategies as Centers but also as individual members of the academic community. 

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Takeaways from a special discussion with Yves Dacccord, the former Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

March 19, 2020 

By Carolyn Schmitt (the original Medium post is available here)

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Governance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (DGO2019 Conference)

Organizer: Governance and Innovation Program at MBR School of Government

DG.O 2019 will be hosted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (formerly the Dubai School of Government), Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 18-20 June, 2019. 

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Guide to NoC RightsCon Tunis 2019

Friday, June 14th, 2019


The Tone from the Top: Setting responsible regulation for tech (ID 947)

Forging Alternative Models for Business and Human Rights, Panel

Speakers: Moira Oliver, Vivek Krishnamurthy, Andy O’Connell and Megan Metzger. Moderator: Michaela Lee.

Details: Friday June 14, 2019 9:00am - 10:15am, Cyrene

Host Organization: BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

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Guide to NoC RightsCon Tunis 2019

Thursday, June 13th, 2019


Decolonising Cyberpolicy: Developing a Cyberpolicy Framework Relevant to the Global South (ID 1045)

Lock and Key: Cybersecurity and Encryption, Workshop

Speakers: Helani Galpaya, Elonnai Hickok, Isaac Rutenberg and Ruhiya Seward. Moderator Judith Mariscal.

Details: Thursday June 13, 2019 9:00am - 10:15am, Limes

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Guide to NoC RightsCon Tunis 2019

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019


Creating Shared Global Workflows for Social Media Monitoring (ID 1421)

The Future of Media in the Age of Misinformation, Strategic Roundtable

Speakers: Nat Gyenes and Jeff Deutch. Moderator Daniel Arnaudo.

Details: Wednesday June 12, 2019 9:00am - 10:15am, Utique.

Host Organization: National Democratic Institute, Meedan.

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Conference TILTing Perspectives 2019: 'Regulating a world in transition'

Organizer: Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society

Technology is transforming society on many fronts. In recent years, we have seen the sustained move from atoms to bits, rise of social media and the sharing economy, and the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, smart devices, and robotics. Along with these developments we see a continuous stream of new legal and regulatory issues. For every problem solved, two new problems seem to surface. 

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DMRC Summer School 2019

Organizer: QUT Digital Media Research Centre

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Conference on Privacy Resilience

Organizer: Institute of Communication Sciences (ISCC) in cooperation with Nextleap project and Technical University of Compiègne.

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First European Hub Official Meeting and Young Scholar Workshop

Organizer: Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and The Center for Cyber Law & Policy, University of Haifa (CCLP)

First annual European Hub Official Meeting and Young Scholar Workshop on  Artificial Intelligence: ethical and legal implications.

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