While we are sad that we won’t be able to see many of you during this year's IGF — traditionally a forum where many Network of Centers participants from different places and representing different disciplines have come together — we are happy to share that the NoC is hosting a virtual village booth. Hosted by the NoC Secretariat (at Berkman Klein), in collaboration with colleagues from the Wikimedia Foundation, the virtual booth consists of two formats:

Interactive Chats

20-30 minutes moderated informal conversations to talk about a Center part of the NoC, the work people at the Center are doing, the plans for the next year, things people are excited about, new reports in the pipeline, programs soon to be launched, opportunities for collaboration — essentially anything the NoC center representative would like to talk about. We plan to record these informal chats and add them here so that people who might not attend IGF can catch up and learn about other centers and their work. We invite you to check out the schedule and all recordings of these informal chats with NoC Centers here: http://networkofcenters.net/more/interactive-chats

Virtual Gallery

We are populating a virtual exhibition space of NoCs’ work, similar to what we did last year at the venue. Check out the gallery here: https://networkofcenters.net/more/virtual-gallery

Are you part of the NoC? It’s not too late to contribute! Please share with us (contact@networkofcenters.net) your latest reports as soon as you can; we would love to feature your work!