Centre for Information Technology Law Studies (CEDI), University of Chile’s Law School

The Centre for Information Technology Law Studies (CEDI) is one of the oldest scientific research centers in Latin America, in matters relating to Law and Technologies, and one of the pioneer centers at Universidad de Chile.

The mission of CEDI is to reflect from a scientific standpoint, pluralistic and interdisciplinary, about the interaction existing among the law and law principles, and the new technologies, in order to understand the consequences to the law of the technologic revolution, and to propose improvements in the manner in which the Law can participate in the technological evolution within our society

In 2008, the Centre for Studies in Computer Law diversifies its offer in graduate programs, opening the Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property and New Technologies. In this scenario, the LLM program is renamed and reformulated by the year 2012, becoming the LLM in Law and New Technologies.