Vietnam Program for Internet & Society (VPIS)

Vietnam Program for Internet & Society (VPIS) - University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Hanoi, is an interdisciplinary research program relating to sociology, law, journalism & media, economics, languages, psychology, political science, and information technology. This program aims to clarify the impact of the Internet on different social aspects of life, and in reverse order, the impact of society on forming the future development of the Internet, in terms of social sciences and humanities.

After just over 20 years in Vietnam, the Internet has increasingly built greater impact on our lives. Therefore, in-depth studies about the influence of the Internet on areas such as communication, language, psychology, media, legal system, public administration, and business etc., have shown to be very crucial. These studies will provide a solid background for independent assessment from the perspective of social sciences and humanities, which will simultaneously limit the negative aspects and promote the positive aspects of the Internet on society.