Center for Education and Research in Innovation, at FGV School of Law, Sao Paulo

Center for Education and Research in Innovation

The Center for Education and Research in Innovation draws on 10 years of experience in several activities on teaching and research at the FGV São Paulo Law School (FGV Direito SP). It results from a merge between the Law and Innovation Research Group, focused on research on law and new technologies, and the Teaching Methodology Group, dedicated to training of academic staff, renewal of teaching methodologies and development of new teaching strategies able to meet demands of twenty-first century job markets. CERI researches the impacts of new technologies in the Brazilian society, focusing on legal challenges arising from changes in different economic sectors and on training demands for new legal professionals. Its activities seek to promote: (i) greater inclusion of debates on law and new technologies in legal courses across the country; (ii) greater impact for its own research products; (iii) greater quality for public debates, judicial rulings, laws and regulations associated to the general field of Law and New Technologies.