Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford

The Oxford Internet Institute was founded in 2001 at the University of Oxford, as an academic centre for the study of the societal implications of the Internet. We are located at 1 St Giles, in central Oxford (find us).

In the last forty years the Internet has grown from an arcane and specialized academic service to the sophisticated global network of networks we see today: during this period the complexity of its societal implications has become ever more obvious, as well as the many ways it shapes our lives. Grounded in a determination to measure, understand and explain the Internet's multi-faceted interactions and effects, our research projects bring together some of the best international scholars within a multi-disciplinary department in one of the world's top research universities. We are committed to being an informed, independent and nonpartisan source of the highest quality analysis and insight in all our research and policy-related activities. Contact: enquiries@oii.ox.ac.uk

We are the only major department in a top-ranked international university to offer multi-disciplinary social science degree programmes focusing on the Internet, attracting top-scoring students drawn from a variety of different disciplines. Our one-year MSc in Social Science of the Internet provides an in-depth understanding of the social science concepts, theories and methods required to undertake and assess rigorous empirical research or policy analysis of Internet-related issues. Our DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences combines high-quality supervision from field-leading academics with tailored training in research methods and graduate skills. Prospective candidates are encouraged to attend one of our (award winning) student open days. Contact: teaching@oii.ox.ac.uk

Our long-running visitor programmes bring leading academics from other universities to work with us on particular projects, or to spend time as a member of the department. Our visitors and faculty have regular opportunities to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from their research, and long-term collaboration often results from this dialogue. We also welcome visiting industry leaders, civil society advocates and policy makers. Contact:recruit@oii.ox.ac.uk

We run a very active public events programme, much of which is webcast. To follow our activities, you can subscribe to our News RSS, our Events RSS, our Webcasts RSS, and our Blogs RSS (which tracks the OII blogosphere). You can also follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our fortnightly newsletters. Contact: enquiries@oii.ox.ac.uk

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) is member of the Steering Committee.

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