Institute for Research on Internet & Society IRIS

The Institute for Research on Internet & Society (IRIS) is an independent research center founded in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Its mission is to explore, study and understand the Internet’s outspreads on modern society: its development, dynamics, norms and standards. Aware of the importance of information and communication technologies to economic and technological development in the 21st century, IRIS also seeks to understand how Law and related subjects can contribute to advance and strengthen an environment that favours innovation, entrepreneurship and the common Internet user’s welfare.

As an independent institution, IRIS offers legal and academic counseling to the public and private sectors alike, by means of public policies aimed at the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, legal opinions in matters of great importance to society, and also through qualification and updating courses offered to professionals and students of all areas.

Acting on many fronts, IRIS seeks to research issues related to Internet & Society, forming strategic partnerships for the production of studies, books and reports. The Institute is also engaged clinical work, providing legal counseling and support in Internet Law, Intellectual Property Law and new technologies, aiming especially at Minas Gerais’ vigorous startup environment. Finally, through the study group from which it stems from, IRIS seeks to qualify and update Law students and professionals alike by offering courses and seminars aimed towards the academic community, as well as the whole of society.