Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL)

The Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL) is part of the Department of Private Law at the University of Oslo. The NRCCL is one of the world’s oldest research institutes in the computer law field, having been established in 1970. It has consistently been at the forefront of legal research—both nationally and internationally—in this field, and it houses the world’s most extensive library of literature on the interaction of law and ICT. During the last fifteen years, the NRCCL has conducted systematic research dealing specifically with internet governance, with a particular emphasis on governance of the domain name system and other critical internet infrastructure. Two examples of major research projects in point are the Igov2 project (“Governance of the Domain Name System and the Future Internet: New Parameters, New Challenges”), which ran from 2010–2014, and the SIGNAL project (“Security in Internet Governance and Networks: Analysing the Law”), which runs from 2015–2019. 

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