Laboratory of Public Policy and Internet (LAPIN)

LAPIN counts with a multidisciplinary team focused on four thematic areas: (i) Artificial Intelligence; (ii) Disinformation; (iii) Data Governance & Digital Economy; and (iv) Digital Surveillance. Our work is, on the one hand, to investigate, analyze and understand the impacts of the internet and new technologies on society and law. On the other, to propose, inform and promote constructive dialogue between stakeholders from the most diverse sectors. Our mission is to ensure that digital technologies serve the good of society.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that Brazil responds adequately to the challenges of a connected society and to technological transformations, promoting a regulatory environment that respects freedom, privacy and human rights, while allowing for economic growth
  • Helping decision makers to form informed, qualified and adequate judgments on digital issues, aligning them with best practices and the Brazilian reality
  • Qualifying the public debate in Brazil on digital issues by producing accessible content, with social and political impact and with academic quality; and
  • Providing technical and scientific expertise by forming partnerships with public and private entitites, civil society and academia.

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