Digital Center (Centrum Cyfrowe), Warsaw

Digital Center in Poland takes interest in the change technology brings to societal and cultural practices as well as to institutions and organizations. We research and describe legal and economic framework of that shift, requiring new theories, new categories and new language of description. Our interdisciplinary research team specializes in exposing what is often left out, unnoticeable and marginalized in conventional research endeavors.
Our work is used by civil society organizations, public institutions and companies because it enables them to understand new realities better and plan their strategies efficiently. We also explore for our own purposes to create evidence-based recommendation for policy.
We employ various methodologies adequate to research scope and budget, based on combined expertise of our team: sociologists, media specialists, anthropologists, lawyers and economists. Inspired by action research, we involve both users as well practitioners in gathering data and exploring topics of interest. We design and execute processes of creative application of digital strategies and re-use of public data in GLAM sector.
Our portfolio consists of analyses for Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Polish History Museum and Samsung Electronics. We carry out qualitative research of cultural institutions and their employees funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. We explore formal and informal circulation of content, online user behavior and culture consumption.