Unité de Droit Économique

The Economic Law Unit (Unité de droit économique) [UDE] is a research unit in the different fields of the law pertaining to economic activities and economic agents. Members of UDE are all scholars and/or practitioners particularly active in the academics. They all involve in research and teaching at Université libre de Bruxelles [ULB].

Research at UDE covers a wide range of areas focusing in particular on Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Law, Unfair Competition Law and Data Protection as well as the interaction between these different fields of the law, especially on the Internet.

Researches conducted at UDE aim at providing with in depth analysis and proposing balanced solutions in the aforementioned fields of law. As a matter of policy, all members of UDE share a common understanding of the critical importance to protect fundamental rights and freedoms in the fields of economic law.

Director: Prof. Dr. Andrée Puttemans