The Center for Internet Research is a unique, interdisciplinary forum of researchers and advanced graduate scholars. It is a home to academics from various disciplines (computer science, history, communications, business, law, psychology, sociology, etc.), Which meet to discuss various aspects of the information society, the technology that makes it happen, and the interactions between society, information and technology. The Center holds research activities and conferences regarding the information society, the technology that enables it and the interactions between them.
Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli Is the founder and head of the Center for Internet Research. He holds a PhD from Stanford University, is a visiting professor at a number of universities, a researcher and lecturer, writes a weekly column for the financial press, and is former head of the Graduate School of Management in the University of Haifa, founding Editor of JCMC and a board member for several associations in the field.
All Fellows of the Center are members of the faculty of the University of Haifa. The Center cooperates extensively with The Department of Information and Knowledge Management, in the Faculty of Management of Haifa Uinversity. More information about The goals of The Internet Research Center and the research that is conducted in it, can be found here.