Keio University International Cybersecurity Symposium

The Keio International Center for the Internet & Society is pleased to present the following invitation from Sasakawa USA and the Keio University Cyber Security Research Center. Please refer to the invitation details for venue and program information.
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Cyber Security Conference March 2-3 at Keio University, Tokyo
Admiral Blair, former Director of U.S. National Intelligence, will keynote this outstanding conference organized by Keio University and Sasakawa USA. There are two full days of programming with many outstanding speakers and panel discussions. We are proud to support this event.
Cybersecurity: Preparing the Workforce
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This two-day conference jointly hosted by Keio University and Sasakawa USA will explore the human talent component of Cybersecurity, focusing on education, training, and use cases of InterNational Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE), while discussing exciting innovative technology and policy. The plenary sessions will provide the audience an opportunity to hear from respected governmental, industry, and academic sector leaders on issues such as nation-state collaboration, the key elements of a corporate cybersecurity practice, and the role that former government hackers can play in assisting industry.
The second half of each day will be parallel sessions, dedicated to more in-depth and exciting workshops on a range of topics from CISO roles and responsibilities to the best use-cases shared by our INCS-CoE, and more. At these hands-on workshops, experts will provide real-world examples and cyber breach scenarios wherein participants will learn the most effective strategies for identifying and managing cyber threats.
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