Academic Roundtable on Multistakeholder Internet Governance Models, Mechanisms, and Issues

Immediately following NETmundial, this roundtable addressed the following goals: (a) to develop a synthesis of discussions following the Brazil conference, which could contribute to efforts aimed at channeling the outcomes from the Brazilian meeting into the overall WSIS review process; (b) to reflect on possible frameworks for Internet Governance and evaluate them against widely accepted principles (e.g. the need to preserve the interoperability and stability of the Internet); (d) to foster the convergence between academics in the area of social science and technology; and (e) to identify gaps for further research in the field.

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 04:00
Hosted by the Center for Technology and Society of FGV Law School Rio de Janeiro (CTS/FGV) and the Research Group on Law and Innovation of FGV Law School São Paulo