Hangout call on Digital Asia Hub

The third call on the Digital Asia Hub will take place on Tuesday, May 24th, from 8:45-10:00am Eastern Time (for ease, the following online converter can be used to identify the time of the hangout in your local time zone: This call will be led by Malavika Jayaram of the Digital Asia Hub, with contributions from Urs Gasser of the Berkman Center. Malavika has provided the following description:

Several NoC members have been instrumental in setting up the Digital Asia Hub (DAH), while others are less familiar with it yet interested in knowing more. We want to use this call as an opportunity to provide an update on the Hub’s mission and activities, as well as discuss ideas for greater engagement and collaboration between the NoC and the DAH. We will also share highlights from the recently published paper ‘Public Opinion toward Internet Freedom in Asia: A Survey of Internet Users from 11 Jurisdictions’, by DAH Board Member Lokman Tsui and Berkman Faculty Associate, Chris Fei Shen. Most of all, we are keen to learn from the network, and to solicit ideas for research collaborations, events, and outputs that will showcase digital issues in Asia, locate them within a global discourse, and leverage the collective expertise of the network.

The following questions can serve as a jumping off point for the discussion portion of the call:

  • Which research gaps or policy challenges in Asia do you think the DAH can/should help address as a priority (whether through research, knowledge sharing or capacity building)?
  • Are there lessons from the NoC idea of a platform/hub that could guide the DAH as it starts out?
  • Which areas would be most exciting and rewarding for your institutions to collaborate with the DAH on?

The Hangout will be accessible using Adobe Connect, a platform for web conferencing that is accessible from a variety of browsers and devices (for further details for joining the call please write to
In order to make it easy to ask questions the Berkman Question Tool will be used. This tool will enable asking and upvoting questions both before and during the hangout. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 08:45 to 10:00
Online (EST Timezone)