Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion Resources Webpage
Feb 27, 2018

We were excited and energized by the Network of Center’s Global Inclusion Symposium on AI that took place in Rio this past November, and are pleased to share with you an interactive, public-facing webpage constructed to highlight our work related to AI & inclusion — — which includes a series of outputs from the Symposium and reflects the tremendous contributions of this global community.

Launch of NoC European Hub
Dec 14, 2017

European Hub for Internet and Society Research

Roadmap 2017 / 2018
Jul 24, 2017

The NoC released its Roadmap for 2017 / 2018: "Global Network of Internet & Society Research Centers".

Title Date Location
Governance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (DGO2019 Conference) Jun 18, 2019 to Jun 20, 2019
Conference TILTing Perspectives 2019: 'Regulating a world in transition' May 15, 2019 to May 17, 2019
Tilburg Netherlands
DMRC Summer School 2019 Feb 11, 2019 to Feb 15, 2019
Brisbane, Australia

Launched in 2012, the global Network of Internet & Society Centers (NoC) is a collaborative initiative among academic institutions with a focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications, and legal issues concerning the Internet. This collective aims to increase interoperability between participating centers in order to stimulate the creation of new cross-national, cross-disciplinary conversation, debate, teaching, learning, and engagement regarding the most pressing questions around new technologies, social change, and related policy and regulatory developments. Check out the current participating centers, and learn how to get involved!