Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion Resources Webpage

Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion Resources Webpage

We were excited and energized by the Network of Center’s Global Inclusion Symposium on AI that took place in Rio this past November, and are pleased to share with you an interactive, public-facing webpage constructed to highlight our work related to AI & inclusion — — which includes a series of outputs from the Symposium and reflects the tremendous contributions of this global community.

The site reflects learnings and themes from our collective work on AI and inclusion over the past year. The research, findings, and ideas presented throughout the webpage both illuminate key takeaways from our work and may serve as a roadmap for continued work on AI and inclusion. The resources found on this page serve as a contribution to the track on diversity and inclusion under the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative based in Cambridge, MA, and we hope will act as a useful foundation for researchers within the Network of Centers and other collaborators.

On the site you will find materials that address overarching themes, key research questions, the initial framing of a research roadmap, as well as some of the most salient opportunities and challenges identified pertaining to AI, inclusion, and governance.  

We invite you to interact with the webpage, and in particular the section on the Global Symposium on AI & Inclusion, for a comprehensive look at how the event has influenced the dialogue around AI & inclusion and brought together a network of global actors working on these issues.


For more context around the interactive web page, please refer to our Medium post, “Why Inclusion Matters for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.”