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4s Open Panel: Commoning Knowledge: Regeneration Through S&T

Our colleague Maywa Montenegro will be leading this panel in the upcoming 4S New Orleans Conference

Jeden Donnerstag: Die HHU-Zahl der Woche - Heute: Hochschulsport

Die Grafikreihe "HHU Facts" zeigt kurz und knapp interessante Fakten rund um die HHU auf: Thema heute sind günstige Kulturangebote für die Studierenden an der HHU.
Alle bisher veröffentlichten Motive auf einen Blick finden Sie in der Bildergalerie (in Vorbereitung).
Haben Sie vielleicht auch ein interessantes Statistik-Thema rund um die HHU? Die HHU-Webredaktion ist offen für weitere Motive und freut sich über jede Anregung / Einsendung: Dieter Joswig, Tel. +49 211 81-14861E-Mail senden

Scientists call for ban on lethal, autonomous robots


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Agency Might Have Overstated Tesla Autopilot's Safety Impact


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Zertifikatsverleihung und Festvortrag von Frau Prof. Dr. McGuire

Am 6. Februar 2019 wurden die Zertifikate für die erfolgreiche Absolvierung der Zusatzausbildung im Informations-, Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht sowie für die Zusatzausbildung im Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz im Rahmen einer feierlichen Verleihung überreicht. Zu diesem Anlass durften wir Prof. Dr. Mary-Rose McGuire von der Universität Osnabrück begrüßen. Prof. McGuire hielt einen spannenden Festvortrag zu dem hochaktuellen Thema „Das Geschäftsgeheimnis: ein neues Schutzrecht?“.

Radio Universidad de Navarra celebra el Día Mundial de la Radio

Radio Universidad de Navarra celebra el Día Mundial de la Radio
Por octavo año consecutivo las emisoras universitarias españolas han conmemorado la efeméride con una programación especial y la entrega de los premios Radio Joven ARU

13/02/19 14:42

Co-founder and Chief R&D Officer Stefaan Verhulst Provides Testimony to NYC Committee on Technology

Yesterday on February 12, 2019, The GovLab’s Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer, Stefaan Verhulst, appeared before the New York City Council Committee on Technology to testify on the value of properly leveraging and sharing data to tackle the multitude of 21st century problems.
The full content of Verhulst’s testimony follows below, and can also be viewed on his Medium page at this link.
Leveraging and Sharing Data for Urban Flourishing

[Call for abstracts] Post-automation? Exploring democratic alternatives to Industry 4.0

“An international research symposium, 11-13 September 2019, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK

About the Symposium

Kate Raworth: Doing Business in the Doughnut

Article republished from weforum.org, video from Youtube- Nesta

NHTSA's Autopilot Claim That Tesla Touted Disputed in New Study


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The gloomy saga of Article 13 just got a whole lot worse


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At the 2019 Wikimedia Summit, we’re putting the Wikimedia movement under the microSCOPE

With a new name and a strategy-focused aim, the Wikimedia Summit (formerly known as the Wikimedia Conference) kicks off next month. Around 200 participants from Wikimedia affiliates, the Wikimedia Foundation, and various committees will head to Berlin from March 29 to 31 to discuss the future of the Wikimedia movement. The finalized schedule will be published in the coming weeks, but we couldn’t wait to share a preview.

What the government's draft IT intermediary guidelines say

Intermediaries will have to hand over to government agencies any information within 72 hours.
Intermediaries will have to use automated tools to trace the person posting unlawful content.

The article by Abhijit Ahaskar was published in Livemint on February 12, 2019. CIS research was quoted.

Wikimedia Foundation appoints Janeen Uzzell as Chief Operating Officer

The Wikimedia Foundation is excited to announce the appointment of Janeen Uzzell as Chief Operating Officer. Janeen joins the Foundation after 16 years of executive leadership at General Electric (GE), most recently as GE’s head of Women in Technology, where she worked with GE’s global CEOs to increase the number of women in technical roles across their 300,000 person workforce.

Professora da FGV Direito Rio ministra aulas na Sorbonne

Paula Almeida foi selecionada como professora visitante da instituiçãoA professora de Direito Internacional e coordenadora da Cátedra Jean Monnet da FGV Direito Rio, Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida, foi selecionada como professora visitante da Escola doutoral de Direito Internacional e Europeu da École de droit de la Sorbonne - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Do You Want Privacy With That?

You may have heard about CloudPets being pulled off shelves for recording kids’ voices and that data being leaked, or the EU recalling kids’ smart watches for giving away children’s location in real time.

Digital Singularisation

According to Andreas Reckwitz, we are living in a time of fundamental social change — our society is becoming a society of singularisation. Digitisation is playing a pivotal role in this process. But what exactly does singularisation mean? And what consequences  will it have for the constitution of our society? Marc Pirogan takes a look…
The post Digital Singularisation appeared first on HIIG.

Future Thinking: Alissa Cooper on the Technical Impact of Internet Consolidation

In 2017, the Internet Society unveiled the 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future. The interactive report identifies the drivers affecting tomorrow’s Internet and their impact on Media & Society, Digital Divides, and Personal Rights & Freedoms. While preparing to launch the 2019 Global Internet Report, we interviewed Alissa Cooper to hear her perspective on the forces shaping the Internet’s future.

Evolving Toward Cooperation

Published with permission from Kosmos Journal

By Kurt Johnson

David Sloan Wilson’s New Evolutionary Biology

Aral Balkan on Building the People’s Internet

Reposted from NESTA on Youtube.com