Suspension of News Channel and Social Media

Quetta 25 Dec 2017. Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan is extremely concerned over government undemocratic actions for suspending broadcast news channels and social media sites in Pakistan and urges for an immediate restoration of all services as its impacting daily public lives.
Pakistan is again passing through a dark phase of history with suspension of all avenues of information in the wake of crackdown on protester in Rawalpindi. Punishing the entire country for a handful of protesters in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is totally unacceptable and unconstitutional.
People in Pakistan are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for functioning of daily lives that includes earning livelihood, transport, education, communication and seeking information among many others. Shutdown of internet and broadcast media has disrupted the entire country access to reliable information which is totally unacceptable in the information economy age.
Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan demands an urgent end to this attack on freedom of expression and freedom of information in Pakistan and urges the government for restoration of broadcast media and internet services on immediate basis.