Point of View wins Laadli Media Award: “An encouragement to keep fighting for gender equality”

The first season of Deep Dives - Sexing the Interwebs won the South Asian Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2017 in the “Best web series" /"Special edition” category. Rohini Lakshané was one of ten contributors to the series of long form essays on the intersection of gender, sexuality and the Internet.

Rohini's essay titled "The trouble with being a woman in FOSS" shines a light on women's experiences of facing sexism and abuse in the FOSS domain.
URL: https://deepdives.in/the-trouble-with-being-a-woman-in-foss-75181981bfdd

The series contributors, who Point of View congratulated as “the real stars of this award”, are:

Read more about the award and the series on APC website

    For more details visit https://cis-india.org/internet-governance/news/apc-june-14-2017-point-view-wins-laadli-media-award