Podcast: CRYPTOPIA – Mark Pesce interviews Michel Bauwens

The Next Billion Seconds (AUS) – Episode 8: CRYPTOPIA

Fanatical belief in cryptocurrencies lead to the perfect becoming the enemy of the good. Michel Bauwens takes us on a tour of what’s good.

The future of tech: the next billion
seconds are the most important in human history as technology
transforms the way we live and work. The rate of change we will
experience will be the fastest humanity has ever seen. Award winning
podcast creator and journalist, Mark Pesce is an inventor, writer,
entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster whose work and global connections
in all things internet and tech extend back to the early days of the
web. He speaks to the brightest minds shaping this new world and
creating the future via smartphones, connected devices, artificial
intelligence and beyond.

Here’s a P2P Foundation post about “10 blockchain projects to keep an eye on“, including: The Possible Project and ShareRing. (ShareRing is Australian, so we do our best to have them on CRYPTONOMICS in our next series!)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Level One Project promises to bring cryptocurrency and smartphone-based trading to the developing world.

Finally, the Regen Network, which sees in itself a complete rewriting of how we account for value in civilisation.

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