Encryption is a Human Rights

Quetta, The
ongoing battle between law enforcement agencies and companies who champion the
data scrambling technology took a new turn with U.S. Department of Justice attempting
to compel Apple to build software that bypass non-encryption features of the
iPhone in order to get at its currently encrypted contents. Internet Policy
Observatory Pakistan supports Apple in this case and strongly opposes US
government’s action.

every Government around the world have tactical tools such as stingray devices,
wiretapping, geo-tracking, data-mining, and many others, which can strengthen
law enforcement and counter-terrorism if properly pursued”, said Arzak Khan,
Director Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan. “Creating back doors to hack in
to secure devices will not only undermine consumer confidence in technology but
most importantly empower cyber criminals and totalitarian regimes”.

“The US
Government should look at the transnational nature of the internet and its
policy making given that most US internet giants like Apple, Google and others
operate globally have to comply with local laws in places where they operate. We
should refrain from adopting a policy that would allow countries with poor
human rights record to exploit it for silencing dissent” added, Arzak Khan.   

We need to
collectively balance our global Web to ensure the Internet remains a platform
for free speech and uncensored information, where privacy and real human
connection enable strong social discourse and economic prosperity.