Connecting the Unconnected

Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan Close the Digital Gap initiative has been selected by the 1 World Connected Project to feature at the Internet Governance Forum held at Geneva. It has been a great achievement for us and we do look forward to help bridge the digital divide by providing innovation solution for remote communities still not served by telecos said “Arzak Khan”.
The majority of low income households in Pakistan are on the wrong side of the digital and knowledge divide; the capacity of these households to engage in the knowledge society is grossly under-developed and under-utilized. Low income households are at risk of becoming increasingly marginalized in the knowledge society, where much more than access to and use of information technology is at stake.
In the knowledge society they need access not only to new technologies but also the ability to participate fully in knowledge-based activities. Given the barriers, challenges and roles that determine their ability to participate on an equal basis with the digital divide in knowledge societies cannot be expected to improve automatically with economic growth. Rather, specific actions and interventions are needed which Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan (iPOP) in partnership with international and national organizations is trying to address by providing computers, communication equipment’s, software’s, training’s and diverse solutions to bridge the digital divide in Pakistan.