Commarts English Camp 2018

On Saturday 31 March 2018, students from the Faculty of Communication Arts Communication Management program held a one-day English Camp for students at Wat Lad Ya Sai School in Nakhon Pathom.
After arriving, the students conducted ice breaking activities to integrate the students aged four to 13 before splitting them into groups to play games at different stations. The games included fill-in-the-blank, matching words with pictures, guessing the words, and the amazing race. All were designed to help students learn English in an enjoyable way. Once the activities were completed all joined together for lunch before the Nitate students headed back to the faculty.
The feedback from students and teachers at Wat Lad Ya Sai School were beyond expectations. They want the faculty to arrange another English camp in which more students and teachers can join.
“The activities were very good. Our students got to fully participate and they all had fun. Having older students from outside come to teach creates a new environment for them and makes them feel more excited about learning. From what I saw, they really enjoyed the rock-paper-scissor game, in which they had to sing a song, as well as the games at different stations,” said one of the teachers at Wat Lad Ya Sai School.