2018 B.A. Admission: Writing Test

Please make sure you have read all of the following information before making further inquiry to the faculty.

  1. Official 2018 Interview and Writing Shortlist [pdf]
  2. Interview Schedule and Writing Test information and further notice [pdf]

Application Number
Writing Test Room

001 – 160
3rd Floor, PINIT

161 – 322
7th Floor, PINIT

323 – 402
PINIT 1006
10th Floor, PINIT

403 – 482
MKSW 313
3rd Floor, MKSW

483 – 565
Convention Hall
11th Floor, MKSW

Remark: See the map below on the page.
Meeting Time: 13.30 Hrs.
Venue: Assigned Writing Test Room
Writing Test Time: 14.30 – 15.30 hrs.


Remark:  No parking space available
Rules and Regulations

  • Examinees will not be admitted to the examination room after 13.45 hrs.
  • Examinees will not be admitted without valid Thai national ID card or passport for foreigners.
  • Only school uniform or proper outfit is allowed.
    • No T-shirts, Jeans, Tights, Short skirts, Shorts, Flipflop sandals, Sportswear.
  • Examinations must be written clearly in blue or black ink.
  • Examinees must have their own pens and white-outs. No sharing is allowed.
  • Pencil cases, Mobile phones, Digital watches and Electronic devices are not allwed of any kind.
  • Examinees cannot leave the examination room before the examination is over.

Be informed that if you do not follow all the rules and regulations, you could waive your rights as a candidate for the B.A. in Communication Management (International Program).