2015 Asia Forum: Cybersecurity Standards for the Cloud in the Asia Pacific Region

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会場住所: 慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス東館6F G-SEC Lab カンファレンスルーム
開催日時: 2015年6月12日(金曜日) 9時〜17時30分
Location: Keio Mita Campus, East Bldg. 6th Floor, G-Sec Conference Room
Time: June 12, 2015 (Friday) 9:00AM to 5:30PM
第4回Asia Forum国際会議では、日本と韓国による“ナショナル”クラウド戦略と、それらが越境データ移転に与えるインパクトについて情報提供と議論を行います。またアメリカ、シンガポール、オーストラリア、中国におけるトレンドについても考察します。本会議では過去のAsia Forum国際会議(東京2013年、Seoul 2012, 2014年)で議題になった「日韓プライバシーとサイバーセキュリティ政策協力」に基づいて会議を進行していきます。
There is little doubt that the expansion of cloud computing is key to future growth and innovation. On the other hand, continuing concerns among business and users in Asia regarding the security of cloud services have slowed deployment and adoption in the region. These have been heightened by the revelations of government surveillance coming from the Snowden case, allegations of systematic cyber economic espionage in the region, and the recent hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The development and deployment cloud services over the past decade spurred enormous innovation and growth in Asia’s Internet Economy. Yet, further progress is at risk because of the growing numbers of contending private and public clouds in Asia that pose issues of cost, reliability and security.
Protecting security among different public and private clouds while allowing for necessary sharing of information has been a special focus in Japan resulting from the experience of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami. This disaster underscored the need for different clouds to be able to mobilize resources and share tasks with other clouds in responding to disasters and in preserving the continuity of government and business services. Significant research is now ongoing in Japan to standardize the external interfaces of cloud systems to allow for “federated” inter-operation between clouds.
The Fourth International Conference of the Asia Forum will address what is being done by Japan and Korea to build their “national” cloud strategies and how they are addressing the potential impact on cross-border flows of data.  Trends in the US, Singapore, Australia and China will also be examined.  The Conference will build on the discussion of the business and technical issues related to regional collaboration on privacy and cyber security, which were taken up at sessions of the Asia Forum in 2012 (Seoul), 2013 (Tokyo) and 2014 (Seoul).
基調講演者 | Keynote Speakers
William Saito | Cabinet Office (Japan) | Special Advisor on Cybersecurity
William Saito was named by Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan,” and began software programming at an early age. By the time he was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998 (by Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and USA Today), he was recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on encryption, biometric authentication and cyber security.
After selling his business to Microsoft, he moved to Tokyo in 2005 and founded InTecur, a consultancy that identifies innovative technologies, develops global talent and helps entrepreneurs become successful. In 2013, Saito was appointed as a Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office for the Government of Japan.
Saito also advises several national governments around the globe. In Japan, he has worked in various capacities with institutions such as METI, MIC, MEXT, and MLIT; the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS); the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST); and the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), among others.
Jong In Lim | Office of the President (Korea) | Special Advisor on Cybersecurity
Professor Jong In Lim is the Dean of the Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University and previously served as the president of the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptography. His main research interests include information security policy, cyber warfare, convergence security, privacy and cryptography.
He received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Mathematics at Korea University, Seoul in 1980, 1982 and 1986.
登壇者 | Expert Panel
Nohyoung Park | Korea University School of Law | Professor
Professor Nohyoung Park is currently the Dean of School of Law, and the Director of the Cyber Law Centre at Korea University. He graduated from the College of Law, Korea University (LL.B., 1981), the Graduate School, Korea University (LL.M., 1983), Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1985), and the University of Cambridge (Ph.D. in International Law, 1990). His main interests cover international economic law, negotiation and mediation, and cyber security and privacy.
土屋大洋 | 慶應義塾大学 | 教授
Motohiro Tsuchiya | Professor| Keio University
Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya is a professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance and deputy director of Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC) at Keio University. He is interested in the impact of the information revolution on international relations; regulatory policy regarding telecommunications and the Internet; and issues related to global governance and information technologies.
上村昌博 |  経済産業省
Masahiro Uemura | Director | Office for IT Security Policy, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)
経済産業省商務情報政策局情報セキュリティ政策室室長。1993年に通商産業省入省後、サービス産業、環境リサイクル分野、バイオテクノロジー分野、中小企業政策などを担当。 2008年から長崎県庁産業労働部に4年間出向。その際、五島列島に次世代 ITS を備えた電機自動車を100台規模で展開し、「未来型ドライブ観光システム」の構築に取り組む。2012年より現職。主に制御システムセキュリティ、クラウドセキュリティ、官民情報共有スキーム構築を推進。
In 1993 Mr. Uemura started working in Ministry of International Trade and Industry and engaged in such fields as service industry promotion, environment and recycling, bio-technology, SME policy. In 2009 he took up a position as Director for Industry and Labor Division of Nagasaki Prefecture and took part in Nagasaki EV&ITS Project which aims for construction of new-generation sight-seeing system through utilization of information system and electric vehicle in isolated islands. In 2012 he took up the current position. He is now working for ensuring crowd service security, industrial control system security and information sharing scheme through Public-Private Partnership.
新保 史生 | 慶應義塾大学 | 総合政策学部教授
Fumio Shimpo | Keio University | Faculty of Policy Management
専門は情報報、憲法。経済協力開発機構(OECD)情報セキュリティ・プライバシー部会(WPISP)副議長。その他憲法学会理事、情報通信学会監事、法とコンピュータ学会理事、(社)日本マーケティング・リサーチ協会理事、総務省情報通信政策研究所特別上級研究員などを務める。総務省「スマートフォンを経由した利用者情報の取扱いに関するWG」主査、内閣府「消費者委員会個人情報保護専門調査会」委員をはじめとして、各府省庁、地方公共団体、公益法人、業界団体等の個人情報・情報セキュリティ関連の委員を歴任。主な著作は『情報管理と法 – 情報の利用と保護のバランス -』勉誠出版(2010)、『プライバシー・個人情報保護の新課題』商事法務(堀部政男編:共著)(2010)、『プライバシー影響評価PIAと個人情報保護』中央経済社(瀬戸洋一編:共著)(2010) 他多数。
Professor Fumio Shimpo is a Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management and the Graduate School of Media and Governance. His areas of expertise include constitutional law and cyber law. He holds a Ph.D. from Komazawa University in Law, and is vice-chair of the OECD Working Group on Information and Security. His research interests include cybercrime, intellectual property, internet governance, privacy and the protection of personal information and freedom of expression.
平野 隆一 | 内閣サイバーセキュリティセンター内閣参事官 | 総合政策学部教授
Ryuichi Hirano | NISC | Counsellor
Ryuichi Hirano is Counsellor at the National Center of Incident Readiness & Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) within its International Strategy Group. He is a graduate of the University of Tokyo Law School and Stanford University. He entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988 and has served as First Secretary of the Japanese embassies in Australia, and Russia. He began his term as Counsellor with NISC in 2014.
Hing Yan Lee | Director | National Cloud Computing Office, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
シンガポール情報通信開発庁、Director of National Cloud Computing Office。イリノイ大学で計算機科学 の修士号と博士号を取得。グリッドサービスのプロビジョニング、 SaaS Incubation Centre、 Cloud Innovation centre, SaaS Enablement Program, Technology Evaluation Program, Data-as-a-Service Program, クラウドセキュリティ標準, CloudAsia などの政策を担当。
Dr. Hing-Yan LEE is Director of National Cloud Computing Office at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, where he oversees the national program in cloud computing. Under his purview are initiatives such as grid service provisioning, SaaS incubation centre, cloud innovation centre, SaaS Enablement Program, Technology Evaluation Program, Data-as-a-Service Program, development of cloud security standards, CloudAsia as well as collaboration in Open Cirrus and IBM Cloud Lab Singapore.
He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in USA with PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science, specializing in artificial intelligence and software reuse.
Jong-Hyun Baek | Manager (Convergence Security Research Team) | Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
韓国インターネット振興院コンバージェンスセキュリティ調査チームマネージャー。その他にも2009年からITU-T Study Group 6 ラポータ、 ITU-T Study Group 17で 韓国未来創造科学部の副チェアマンを担当。専門領域はユビキタスサービスのセキュリティ(IoT、ITS、モバイルなど)、クラウドセキュリティ、電子認証。
Dr. Jong-hyun Baek is Manager of the Convergence Security Research Team at the Korea Internet & Security Agency. His research expertise includes security for ubiquitous telecommunication services (IoT, ITS, Mobile, etc), cloud computing security, electronic authentication. He has also served as the rapporteur of ITU-T Study Group 6 since 2009, and Vice-Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 17 to the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning.
Sang-Beom Ham | Standards Officer | Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation、Standards Officer。同社のStandards Officerとして、クラウドコンピューティング、ビッグデータなどの国際標準化作業に参加。ISO/IEC JTC1 ではクラウド標準のプロジェクトリーダー、JTC 1 Management Groupではビッグデータのファシリテーターを務め、日中韓情報電子国際標準化フォーラム(CJK-SITE)にも参加。
Sang-Beom Ham is a Standards Officer within the Corporate Standards Group for Microsoft Corporation. The group is in charge of executive international standards work and also responsible for overall participation including approval of new standards participation and assistance with legal issues, Intellectual Property concerns and strategies.
As a Standards Office Ham’s role is to deliver global standards excellence for Microsoft to support customers interoperability needs, foster technological advancements, and collaborate in an open, competitive, and innovation-driven marketplace.
Currently, SangBeom Ham’s participation in international standards work is mostly focus on Cloud computing but also in other areas as well such as Document formats, Software engineering, Green ICT, Big Data, etc. He serves as the project leader of one of the Cloud computing standards in ISO/IEC JTC1 and as the Facilitator on Big Data of JTC 1 Management group. He also actively participate in regional organizations such as CJK-SITE which is the committee for the regional collaboration within China, Japan and Korea on ICT standards.
Jinkyu Lee| Principal Manager | NAVER Corporation
NAVER Corporation、Principal Manager。Naverにおける個人情報の管理、プライバシーの保護を担当。その他にもソウル地方警察庁ではInspectorとしてナショナルIDプロジェクトにおけるプライバシー保護を担当。
Jinkyu Lee is Principal Manager of Privacy Protection at Naver Corp. He worked extensively to improve personal information management and privacy oversight for Navery by developing a “Naver Privacy Report” and eliminated the need for Residential Citizen Numbers for use with Naver technologies.
Mr. Lee has also worked as an inspector within the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and overseen compliance of privacy for various national ID projects.
Shen Yi | Professor | Fudan University
復旦大学復旦大学国際関係・公共事務学院准教授、 Center of BRICS Studies副センター所長。ジョージタウン大学で博士研究員を歴任。専門領域は、サイバーセキュリティ、サイバー外交、サイバースペースのグローバルガバナンス、BRICS諸国におけるサイバーセキュリティ協力。
Shen Yi is Associate Professor at the School of International Relations & Public Affairs at Fudan University. He serves as the Deputy Director for the Center of BRICS Studies. Professor Yi focuses on cybersecurity, cyber diplomacy, and the governance of Global Cyberspace. Professor Yi has served as a post doctoral research fellow at the School of Foreign Affairs at Georgetown University. His recent research focuses on the cooperation of cybersecurity amongst BRICS nations.
He received his Ph.D from Fudan University in 2009.
山﨑哲 | 教授 | 工学院大学
Satoru Yamasaki | Professor | Kougakuin University
工学院大学情報学部客員研究員。1970年に京都大学理学部卒業後、日本IBM株式会社に入社し、IBMビジネスコンサルティングサービスセキュリティ最高責任者(CSO)及び個人情報保護最高責任者(CPO)などを歴任。ISO/IEC SC27/WG1国内委員会主査、ISO/IEC 27017(Cloud Security Control)プロジェクトエディタ、クラウドセキュリティ・コントロール標準化専門委員会委員長などを務める。
Satoru Yamasaki is an expert on cloud security standards and head of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27/WG1 Japan committee. He has lead several projects for industry as part of IBM Business Consulting Services advising on privacy and security issues as well as serving as Chief Security Officer. He is the lead on the ISO/IEC 26017 Project on Cloud Computing Security, and Chair of the Committee on Cloud Security Standardization at the Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan.
梶浦 敏範 | 経団連 | 委員会主査・日米クラウド民間作業部会日本
Toshinori Kajiura | Chair | Keidanren – Committee on Internet Economy Industry
Toshinori Kajiura is Senior Researcher at Hitachi – Information & Communications Systems. He is also Chair of the Japan Committee on the Internet Economy Industry Forum at the Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren). Mr. Kajiura is a visiting professor at Tsukuba University and serves as an expert on various working groups within METI, MIC, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, & Transportation.
Youn Jung Park | Professor | SUNY – Korea
Dr. Youn Jung Park (a.k.a. Y.J. Park) has been actively engaged with national, regional and global Internet Governance dialogues since 1999. While working as the acting chief executive officer of Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (2001 ~ 2002), she promoted the concept of multilingual domain names on the Internet working closely with many stakeholders including Internet Society. Her main research areas are the governance of Internet related organizations and the participation of different stakeholders in these institutions. Prior to her work at SUNY Korea, YJ was a senior research fellow at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at TUDelft in the Netherlands where she conducted postdoctoral research on Internet governance.
She advises the Korean government on Internet Governance matters and has often been invited by them to serve as an expert member/observer of the Korean delegation at leading international meetings where Internet matters are discussed, including ITU, WSIS and IGF. YJ chaired adhoc sessions at the 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary meeting in Busan.
Dr. Park holds a Ph.D. in Information, Science and Technology from Syracuse University.
Danielle Kriz | Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy | Information Technology Industry Council
米国情報技術工業協議会、Director of Global Cybersecurity Policy。イサカ大学で政治学の学士号を取得後、ジョージタウン大学で国際関係の修士号を取得。2010年に米国情報技術工業協議会(ITI)に入職後は、グローバルなサイバーセキュリティのプラクティスの構築に取り組む。
Danielle Kriz has 18 years of government and industry experience formulating policy for the high-tech industry. Kriz joined the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) in 2010 to build its global cybersecurity practice. As director for global cybersecurity policy, she leads ITI’s work advancing the high-tech industry’s positions on cybersecurity policy issues both domestically and abroad. In particular, Kriz works to encourage governments around the world — including the U.S. Government — to leverage the considerable work industry is doing to improve cybersecurity and to follow globally accepted policy approaches that meet security needs while facilitating interoperability and a global marketplace. Kriz has a Master of Science in Foreign Service degree from Georgetown University, focused on international trade and technology policy, and a B.A. in politics from Ithaca College. She lived in Tokyo from 1991-1994 and speaks Japanese.
Malcolm Crompton | Managing Director | Information Integrity Solutions
Information Integrity Solutions、Managing Director。1999年から2004年までは豪州プライバシーコミッショナーを務め、2012年にはInternational Association of Privacy Professionalsの2012 Privacy Leadership Awardを受賞。プライバシー戦略、データ保護、個人情報の取り扱いやガバナンスを推進。
Malcolm Crompton is Managing Director of Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd (IIS), a global consultancy specializing in data protection and privacy strategies. IIS works with companies to increase business value and customer trust and to ensure government meets the high standards expected in the handling of personal information. He has been a member of external Reference Groups for large research projects funded by the European Union. As Australia’s Privacy Commissioner from 1999 to 2004, Malcolm led the implementation of private sector privacy law. Malcolm’s global reputation is built on his forward thinking on the handling and governance of personal information. Malcolm was founding President of iappANZ and has been a director of IAPP.
Kyungho Lee | Professor | Korea University
高麗大学情報保護大学院教授。高麗大学で博士号を取得し、Naver Corporation最高情報セキュリティ責任者(CISO)、SecuBase Corporation CEOを歴任。専門領域は情報セキュリティマネジメントシステム(ISMS)、リスクマネジメント、セキュリティコンサルティング、プライバシー政策、プライバシー影響評価(PIA)。
Kyungho Lee is a Professor at the Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University, and has lead the Risk Management Laboratory since 2011. He has a high level of theoretical principles as well as on-site experience. He was a former CISO at Naver Corporation and the CEO of SecuBase corporation. His research interests include information security management system (ISMS), risk management, information security consulting, privacy policy, and privacy impact assessment (PIA).
He received his Ph.D. from Korea University.
9:00             開会の辞 | Welcoming Remarks
フォスター・ジム (慶應義塾大学) |  Jim Foster (Executive Director, KICIS)
Nohyoung Park (Korea University)
9:15                基調講演 | Keynote Speeches
ウィリアム齋藤 (内閣府本府参与) |  William Saito (Special Advisor to the Cabinet on Cybersecurity)
Jong In Lim (Special Advisor to the President on Cybersecurity)
09:45        アジアでの“ナショナル”クラウドの構築 | National Cloud Strategies in the Asia Pacific Region
土屋大洋 (慶應義塾大学) – モデレータ  |  Motohiro Tsuchiya (Keio University) – Moderator
上村昌博 (経済産業省) |  Masahiro Uemura (METI)
Hing Yan Lee (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore)
Jonghyun Baek (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
Shen Yi (Fudan University)
11:15                 セッション終了; コーヒーブレイク | Session Concludes, Coffee Break
11:30                 アジアでの越境データ移転の促進 | Promoting Cross Border Data Flows in Asia
Nohyoung Park (Korea University) – Moderator
山﨑哲 (工学院大学) |  Satoru Yamasaki (Kogakuin University)
梶浦敏範 (日立製作所情報・通信システム社)| Toshinori Kajiura (Hitachi)
Jonghyun Baek (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
Danielle Kriz (Information Technology Industry Council)
Youn Jung Park (SUNY Korea)
13:15                 セッション終了; 昼休み | Session Concludes, Lunch Break
14:30                 アジアにおけるクラウドネットワークのセキュリティ構築 | Building Security into a Regional Cloud Network
フォスター・ジム (慶應義塾大学) |  Jim Foster (KICIS) – Moderator
Nohyoung Park (Korea University)
平野隆一 内閣サイバーセキュリティーセンター | Ryuichi Hirano (NISC)
Jinkyu Lee (Naver Corporation)
Malcolm Crompton (Information, Integrity Solutions)
Sang Beom Ham (Microsoft Korea)
16:15                 セッション終了; コーヒーブレイク | Session Concludes, Coffee Break
16:30                 ラップアップ | Wrap Up and Learnings
新保史生 慶應義塾大学 | Fumio Shimpo (Keio University)
Kyung Ho Lee (Korea University)
ジム・フォスター 慶應義塾大学 | Jim Foster (KICIS)
17:30                 会議終了 | Conference Concludes
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