“Magazine Pacing” and “Visual Impact” – Need-to-know lectures by Wim Honders

Wim Honders, an eminent professor in the field of visual communication, creative thinking and media from Inholland University, Amsterdam, was invited to deliver to give two lectures about magazines and visual influences in communication at the International Convention Hall, Faculty of Communication Arts, on the 18th and 19th of January 2018. The 3-hour lectures “Magazine Pacing” and “Visual impact: image-word & word-image transfer”, explored the ins and outs of magazine pulse and visual storytelling, eye-stopping appeal and visualizing abstract concepts in communication.
His lectures engaged more than 70 of BA in Communication Management international program third- and fourth-year students and lecturers. The participants were provided with first-hand knowledge, think-pair-share activities through an interactive workshop and assignments for later submission.
During his presentations, Professor Honders delivered a refreshingly honest view of in-depth magazine analysis in different contexts and outlined visual impacts in communication. He demonstrated how his lectures are expected to can change people’s perceptions towards magazines, encourage students to think out-of-the-box and serve as an eye-opener to those who aspire to pursue a career as a professional visualizer or concept creator.
By Harrah Tran, ASEAN Scholarship student