Innovation and Technology Law Lab (ITLL)

The Innovation and Technology Law Lab - ITLL is an International Group 
of Research founded and coordinated by the Business Law Chair of the 
University of Padova. ITLL seeks to foster companies’ growth and the 
development of a new sustainable Digital Economy through the 
establishment of a modern and coherent legal framework.

ITLL seeks to achieve its goals through independent scientific 
research, academic exchange, interdisciplinary dialogue and several 
more related activities.
To achieve its goals, ITLL proposes to:
•       Organise conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools at 
international and national levels to bring together academics, 
practitioners and legislators working in the field of Business Law 
with special reference to issues arisen by the advent of emerging 
•       Initiate, develop and implement joint research cooperation, 
including interdisciplinary research projects, encompassing law, 
economics and informatics;
•       Conduct its own or commissioned legal and empirical surveys or 
researches with internal or external funding;
•       Give opinions, advice and assistance on laws and draft legislation, 
as well as on codes of best practice or specific questions related to 
the area of Business and IT Law;
•       Publish, both in traditional print and electronic form;
•       Provide training in Business Law, IT Law and related fields;
•       Develop and promote mutual exchange opportunities for students 
affiliated with partner universities.
•       Facilitate teacher exchange by establishing courses on topics with 
relevance for the aforementioned ITLL objectives.
•       Invite scholars and representatives from the business sector as 
guest speakers, and establish venues with enterprises in the industry 
and business sector.
•       Host scholars and PhD-candidates who would like to conduct research 
on topics with relevance for the ITLL objectives
•       Establish cooperation with selected Academic Centers, entities and 
networks worldwide.